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Welcome To Our Page!

Hey everyone! We are officially moved! If you had to go to the old page to get here, thank you so very much for caring enough to click the link! If not, thank you anyway for coming! We're not 100% functional yet, seeing as we had to move before we had the chance to be, but soon. I promise. Check out all the cliques I got goin on and make sure to visit the great sites on our links page. If you find something's broken (some links may be bad cuz of the move) please, please, please email me (Jessie). I'm working on fixing everything, but I will most likely miss something. Read our fiction and drop us a line! Thanks again!
What's New?
12-11-01:Oh wow, I haven't updated in months. I've gotten soooooo busy with school and work I just haven't had time! Nothing big today and don't look for much to come either. I'm moving all my fan fic to so I really don't need this site right now...oh well. everything's up in the air. who knows, next month this site might be huge! 10-15-01:Um...I got everything running, email me with any problems here. Read our fiction and in general just look around the site. Muchas gracias.

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Pic of the Day
Well, I happen to think Joey is absolutely adorible and I just realized we have yet had a Joey picture as the pic of the day. I am mad at myself because he's my NYC boy! Anyway, isn't this one cute?
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